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Mosfet R/R universal
mounting brackets

Shindengen FH020AA
universal kit for almost
all 2 and 3 wire stator

CE 605 SB Series

Reverse Gearbox for
motorcycle powered
vehicles and Legend cars.

Five wire stator, excited 
rotor regulator build up
Do it yourself project

LED Voltage Monitor

and SH775
mounting dimensions

Stator Testing Example

Easy Mosfet Hookup

Vmax fuel injection
throttle body kit

Vmax CV to TBI

Vmax Microsquirt
and Megasquirt
setup Instructions

'32 Roadstercycle® 
Harley Powered

'34 Roadstercycle®
Vmax Powered

FRS/BRZ rear turbo





The Home of the Original FH020AA Upgrade Kits and now SH775 series kits


NEW!! TRIUMPH T2500676 Harness and FH020AA combo package.

USA  Priority mail shipping $5.00,  
Express Mail International $45.00  (default) Fastest
Canada, Express Mail International $35.00 (default) Fastest
Canada Priority Mail 19.95  slow, no insurance or tracking
Choose shipping method at checkout. Sorry no Russia or Ukraine shipping at this time. 
Remember No insurance or tracking with Priority to Canada. No more Priority International shipping, too slow!!!


Guy's I try my hardest to give you a great universal kit but you need to measure if 3 feet of 10 gauge battery cable is long enough for your bike. 99% of the bikes it is, check your bike to make sure.  Also, Super kit stator connection wire length is about 6" long,  Is that enough length for your hookup? Measure to be sure. Order more below if needed. Extra sheathing is included with 10 gauge cable add on. GSXR 600 and 750 with the R/R in the front behind the radiator need 1 extra foot of battery cable.  Jack

Add on battery wire length for all Mosfet kits....
Add on 12 gauge stator wire for Super kit builds only....Not complete kits!
    The Complete kit stator wire extension kit is down the page or the right side.

      Shindengen SH775  Series R/Rs  Now available below!!!!!


YAMAHA FJR  Custom Built Upgrade Harnesses $44.95 Email me.


Kits come with 3 feet of battery cable, is that enough for your bike?  Extra battery cable is sold above..


Complete Mosfet Kit FH020AA
New DIY crimp or solder kit!!! 


FH020AA with Maxifuse holder or 
30 amp Circuit breaker
Now with PVC wire sheathing!!

This new DIY kit is a crimp or solder complete Mosfet kit with everything you need to upgrade your Sportbike or Cruiser to a Mosfet R/R. Crimping cutting, stripping, soldering, installing heat shrink is all done by you to build your own custom kit. Takes a little time but when you're done you'll have your own customized by you install. Very Cool!!
Custom wire lengths available.

$121.95 + $5.00 SHIP USA
Choose circuit breaker or Maxifuse below

Circuit protection

The Super Mosfet Kit FH020AA
Easy, fast and complete. As close to plug and play you can get.

with Circuit breaker
or Maxifuse setup
Now with PVC wire sheathing!!

 I do the crimping and soldering except your 3 stator wires. Ready to go with 3 feet of 10 gauge red/black wiring, 30 amp auto reset circuit breaker or Maxifuse, heat shrinkable butt connections and solder connectors for your choice of hookup to  your stator. 
Custom wire lengths available.

$139.95 + $5.00 S+H
Choose circuit breaker or Maxifuse below


Circuit protection

The Super Series Kit SH775
Easy, fast and complete. As close to plug and play you can get.

SH775 series R/R  from Polaris with Circuit breaker or Maxifuse holder with PVC wire sheathing!! I do the crimping and soldering except your 3 stator wires. Ready to go with 3 feet of 10 gauge red/black  wiring, 30 amp maxifuse and holder, heat shrinkable butt connections and solder connectors for your choice of hookup to  your stator. Custom wire lengths available.
          READ THIS FIRST!!!
Guy's, these are working great on lots of sport and race bikes  I buy these straight from Polaris but I am not a dealer, so they won't warranty them. Make sure these will work on your bike by checking forums before purchasing as all sales are final. I do not have a buy it, try it, return it option. I'm one guy not Amazon.
If your not sure go with a Mosfet kit as they work on virtually everything!!

         $139.95 + $5.00 S+H

Circuit protection



Super harness with 30 amp circuit breaker. Comes with both crimp and solder connectors for stator. 3 feet of 10 gauge red/black flexible wire and PVC flexible wire sheathing.
Custom FJR 1200 harnesses avail.

For FH020AA or   SH775 

$44.95 plus $3.00 S&H

Custom lengths available

Super harness with 30 amp Maxi fuse.
Comes with both crimp and solder connectors for stator. 3 feet of 10 gauge red/black flexible wire and 
PVC flexible wire sheathing.

For FH020AA  or  SH775 

$44.95 plus $3.00 S&H

Custom lengths available


FH020AA or SH775  R/R and connector kit with PVC flexible wire sheathing. For the do it yourself wiring hookups. 18" of PVC sheathing comes standard. 
Do it once and do it right.

$113.95 plus $5.00 S&H
R/R option

The Super Mosfet Kit is my #1 selling kit, Fast, Easy and complete.


FH020AA or SH775
 Mosfet or Series R/R only.
Straight from Shindengen these are the Best selling upgrade R/Rs on the planet. The FH020AA  what Yamaha uses on a number of their motorcycles. The Yamaha P/N is 1D7-81960-00-00. 
The SH775 is the new Series unit,
Choose option below.
$5.00 S&H
R/R option

Connector kit fits all the
FH08AA  through  FH020AA
and SH775 series
These are proprietary connectors and terminals for  Mosfet regulators. 
$17.95 plus $3.00 S&H

Free shipping USA 


Includes 3, 3 foot sections of 12 gauge wire and crimp and solder connectors and heat shrink. Ships free and only available with a Mosfet kit or installed when ordering a Super kit with extension purchase. I install it for the least amount of connections.
Mosfet Kit Add On Only $9.00






This is a  HOT item!!! This should be stock from the factory on all motorcycles. Shorai
battery custom version, built to Shorai
Specs.+ safety concerns.
Choose stock battery or Shorai below

$22.95 + 3.00 S&H USA

CE 605 SB Series R/R Kit.
Series Regulator for Harleys and Sport bikes. If you unplug your headlights this is the R/R for you. Unloads your stator when power is not needed, gives a little added HP at the track or on the road, with 5 foot leads for stator and battery. now!! 
(Does not come with sheathing)

$167.95 plus $7.00 S&H  USA
2 years manufacturer warranty.

Buell 3 phase Stator.
This is my new CE-6014 three phase stator for Buell. Use as a replacement or upgrade to a 3 phase system using a CE 605 SB or a FH020AA Mosfet R/R. Harley engine only, will not fit the 1125CR, sorry I wish had one for you.

$99.95 plus $5.00 S&H



FH020AA= Yamaha #1D7-81960-00-00. 


1/2" PVC Sheathing

Sheathing  now comes stock with all my kits, except the series kit  and now I'm making it available for your custom applications too. This is something we all need for our bikes from time to time but it's just not easy to find at a moments notice, and of course if your like me I needed it yesterday. So here it is 1/2" ID. which I find is perfect middle of the road wire covering. Sold by the foot and shipped free its in stock and ready to go. US sales only. Jack
$2.00 a foot with free shipping. 3 Feet
minimum order. 

PVC lengths

 Crimp & Go $123.95

The newest kit from Jack is the Strip, Crimp & Go. I am not an advocate of using your old harness to upgrade to a Mosfet regulator or the new SH775 but some people need this and who I am to say no. If your harness is on a new bike, or is in tip- top condition then this kit will work great for you. You just cut off your old stator and battery connectors and strip the wires and install the heat shrinkable connectors on your stock wiring making sure you have good solid crimps. There is no directions in the kit. You just strip, crimp and go.
This kit is fast and easy but you have to do it right. 8" wires on both.


This is a great little box is rated at over 500 HP in forward. The case is made from cast aluminum  Hi-performance gears and splines. Splines are 32 tooth TH400 Chevy so you can use a Chevy drive shaft yoke as a donor to build any type of connection flanges you may need. Pricing on this unit is $1195.00 plus shipping and handling


July 23, 2014

$1195.00 plus S&H



Mosfet R/R  adapter plate.......

I am now offering a universal mounting bracket for the ShindengenFH010AA, FH012AA,  FH020AA and SH775 regulators. The 2 way bracket can mount the  Mosfet up or down, left or right depending on your stock mounting holes. Comes with bracket and stainless mounting hardware. The bolts I enclose are metric #6 x 1.00 mm counter sunk. These fit most metric bikes. If these are not your size you will have to provide them. I also provide 1/4" threaded mounting bolts and washers for the Mosfet mounting. I personally build each one in my shop on my milling machine  in the USA. These are made with 1/4" aluminum flat bar. You can trim if needed for ultimate weight reduction. The 2 way is 1.5" x 4.00. slotted hole spacing can accept from 1.875"  to 3.40 center to center of bolt, spacing. If you need a different spacing I will custom build it for you for no charge within reason of course. Jack


19.95 plus $3.00 S&H 

Triumph T2500676 Harness
and FH020AA Package deal,
SH775 also available



This is a T2500676 adapter harness for a direct plug and play for the Triumph Triple. It may fit other Triumphs but you'll have to check the part number and see. An avid Triumph owner told me it is the same connector found on a lot of other Triumphs. The picture of the ends should be a good indication of what it will fit.

$109.00 plus $5.00 S&H

R/R option

Wiring help is here.  and  videos here on Roadstercycle.com

Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Honda, Ducati, SV650, Aprilla, Ducati and many more!
Finally fix your single phase 2 wire and three phase 3 wire charging system problems with a new Mosfet voltage regulator upgrade kit!
With real Tech support, Me! Contact me for quantity discounts. 
Even if you buy a Mosfet somewhere else I will help you out with tech support. 
Click here for the
Easiest Mosfet Hookup suggestion!!!
Click here for stator testing page.......
Click here for FH012AA dimensions

Convert Your Stock CV carbs to Fuel Injection Throttle Bodies!! 
Yamaha Vmax kit shown Below...or  Build your own...
More info.

The easiest way to turn your 1985 thru 2007 first generation
V-max into a programmable, fuel injected street/strip machine
using your stock carbs. Just remove your slide covers and slides
and replace with your kit. You will need to purchase 
separately other fuel injection pieces necessary for a complete installation. More info..   You can convert most CV stock carbs to EFI throttle bodies. Older Honda Goldwings are a prime candidate for an EFI upgrade. So if your building a custom Goldwing or a Goldwing Rat Rod this will really finish it off and make it run great.

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