Since I was 12 years old I have been building custom cars, motorcycles, and mini bikes. I am a few years older than that now, well actually a lot older, but never lost my love for the motorcycle and the sport. Building and creating are my 2 loves thus the Roadstercycles and numerous other vehicles that you see on my site. I am also a test Pilot for Robinson Helicopter company in Torrance, California. I believe Helicopters and Motorcycles go hand in hand as some of the most dangerous things you can do in life so yes I'm probably a little crazy. Being a test pilot and working in Research and Development for the last 22 years has given me the knowledge to build machinery, parts, and electronics second to none. I am very proud of the fact that anything  you  find on my website is first class.   I grew up in Detroit  and learned  a lot about  cars, motorcycles and business. I started in 1994 selling Roadstercycles and parts. Now I just concentrate on selling parts and helping customers with there motorcycle problems. Charging problems mostly but other things come into play at times.  I love the customer service part of the business. I love helping people out. I believe I have the best customer service in the motorcycle world and strive to keep it. So if you ever need a helping hand give me a try. At night and weekends I can help out. As far as parts and shipping is concerned I drop off packages every morning. I build all the kits myself so if you ever have an issue with anything you get from me, call me I'll know about it personally. I do all the building, the packaging and shipping myself. Oh, by the way, I even do the website so if you find something wrong or a link does not work, let me know.