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Five wire stator harness setup

Here is a diagram from a pretty sharp motorcycle fellow who saw my request for help on the
5 wire stator harness problem . This is his take on it and it makes sense. It takes a few more 
dollars to try it but I think it's worth it for some of you. I found a Dodge "78" regulator and 
connector for it on Amazon. Make sure you buy a 12volt regulator. The 3 phase SQL50A 
rectifier I found on Ebay.  It is pretty self explanatory. I put this system on my SX650 Yamaha 
Street Tracker. If you need a SQL50Amp rectifier I have some in stock $12.00 free shipping.

Works great!!! No issues.


SQL50A 3 phase rectifier
Changes AC to DC.

75 Dodge electronic voltage regulator.