'34 Roadstercycle®
                                   3 Wheels - 4 Cylinders

The  '34 Roadstercycle® uses a Fuel injected Yamaha V-Max engine. It has  four separate  pod type air  filters sitting on top 
of  stock V-max CV carbs modified into fuel injected throttle bodies. With a Nascar style exhaust the '34 is an awesome machine,
the wildest Roadstercycle we've ever  built. Tons  of   power,  great  cornering, and  just  a blast  to ride. The V-boost on  these
engines is  out of sight, it's  like a  turbo  charger coming on  at 6000 RPM. I absolutely  love this engine/chassis combo. This setup
sounds like a 350 Chevy with the Nascar exhaust. You hear all 4 cylinders exiting out of both exhaust pipes. It really gives it a sound 
all it's own. It's not just a trike, It's a ROADSTERCYCLE!

                                           '32 Roadstercycle                                                '34 Roadstercycle


Below is the Throttle body conversion kit installed on the '34 Roadstercycle. The V-boost is still fully operational. What a difference
 in starting and tunable performance. You  can  program  the  Megasquirt  ECU for  fuel  economy, street/strip or whatever you desire.



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