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Frequently asked questions


What is a balanced charging system?

A balanced charging system is when the manufacturer designs lets say 25 amp charging system and the bike uses 20 to 22 amps of it to run the bike and charge the battery. The R/R only needs to get rid of 3 or so amps, so it is happy. Now if you take that same bike and run led taillights and marker lights and maybe some led headlights now your making the R/R get rid of lets say 10 amps, now its working hard and getting hot. Although it seems like your doing your bike a favor by thinking it's going to charge your battery better your actually slowly killing your R/R. Not to mention if you unplug your headlights for track days. Wow!!!!

Will the FH020AA work on my bike?

Yes, it will if your bike has a single phase 2 wire or a three phase 3 wire stator. If you not sure send me an email with a wiring diagram of your bike and I can tell in a minute or two what you need. English please, Russian and a few other languages are really hard for me to figure out.

What's the difference between an auto reset circuit breaker and a maxifuse?

They are both fuses that protect the main positive wire going from the new MOSFET setup to the battery. The circuit breaker is smaller and more compact. They have been used for years in cars and Harley Davidson motorcycles. It will auto reset if it gets tripped. The maxifuse is a bigger fuse that also protects the main positive wire going to the battery from the new MOSFET setup. If it blows you will need an extra with you to replace it. Usually these fuses protect us from ourselves if we are working on our bikes and accidentally touch this wire to ground it will blow the fuse or open the circuit breaker. Very rarely does a bad R/R actually blow a fuse they usually just open and go bad. I've seen them completely burnt up and never blow a fuse.

I have 2 red wires and 2 green (colors may vary on different bikes ) wires at the R/R plug. Can I still upgrade to a Mosfet system?

Yes, Sometimes motorcycle manufacturers double up the ground and positive wires to carry more current back to the battery from the R/R. My upgrade kit replaces or lets say bypasses these and goes straight to the battery with heavy duty 10 gauge flexible wire. It's definitely an upgrade. Again if your not sure send me a wiring diagram and I will check it out for you.

My bike has 5 wires coming out of the engine and going to the R/R plug besides the power and ground going to the battery.

In this case it looks as though you have an excited rotor type charging system, 3 stator wires and 2 extra controlling the rotor inside the stator. This system was used on a few Honda and Yamaha in the late 70s early 80s. The rotor on these bikes are an electromagnet and the R/R regulates how much magnetism the rotor puts out thus controlling voltage output by the stator. The Mosfet kit will not work on these bikes but I do have the solution on my website. You can also send me a wiring diagram and I can double check your bike.

I found a MOSFET regulator somewhere else and I'm lost, my bike still doesn't charge correctly can you help?

Yes, Ill help, it does not matter to me where you got your setup I do this because it's my passion and I love the motorcycle community. If you have an issue email me or give me a call after 5 PM Pacific. Glad to help. Leave me a message and your number (slowly please) if I can't answer at the very moment and I'll get back to you quick as I can. Jack 310.766.5222
Just as a side note, I am the web master, the kit builder, the kit designer, the packager, the shipper and the customer service guy. So if you need help or have an issue about anything I'm the guy. 



I usually give a 60 day warranty on kits. But I am allowed to make it longer since I own the company. If you have an issue call me. You can send the R/R back and I run it on my test bike to see what the issue is. These are really bullet proof R/R and I have lots of faith in them. I have over 2000 out there with less than 5 issues, that's some good numbers. As far as returns, I will exchange any defective item, but there are no returns unless there is some weird circumstance that we can't remedy.


If you want to share your install pictures or thoughts about your install or give me suggestions how to make it easier or better send them to me at.  I want to see and hear how everyone is doing. I may not be able to comment or reply on everything I see but I will try to stay on top of the feedbacks. Jack