This is the easiest and the most bullet proof way to hook up the Mosfet Regulator/Rectifier. Color coded for you!!
The is the easiest and most bullet proof way, meaning that there is the least number of connectors that can cause failures. The Mosfet regulator will not drain your battery when the bike is not running. It does not need ignition sense or switched ignition of any kind to work, it just works. This wiring works on every bike I know of so far. Just leave the old regulator connector that went to the battery unplugged and taped so it can't short out to your frame or some other grounded spot. The other 3 wire connector on the old regulator is the stator wires. These wires will come from the engine case. Cut the connector off of these wires and install the crimp on connectors supplied in the kit. Crimp and solder these on. These plug into the gray colored side of the Mosfet as in the diagram. There is no set pattern for these just plug them in, they are AC (alternating current) so there is no wrong way.  The 3 feet of  red/ black 10 gauge wire in the diagram is supplied in the kit. You do have to plug these in correctly or you will end up with expensive smoke!!! So be careful when hooking these up. 

    This is the norm, there are instances that are not normal and the answers are usually posted on your particular bikes forums. I know personally of at least 450 of these units out there and have been installed on bikes from the early1970s to 2010 Hondas, Kawasaki's, Suzuki's, Yamahas, Ducati's, and more. Lots of Triumphs and the list goes on and on. It is working on everything that people have tried with 99% success. The exceptions we have found are older Hondas around 1983 CB900, CB1000 and MotoGuzzi's that have 5 wires coming from the stator, 3 are stator wires and 2 are brushes. So we are at 99%. Other than these so far this Mosfet regulator has been working great for everyone, the guy's at Shindegen really know how to build Regulators. If you have one of these bikes with a 5 wire stator harness click here.

I get a lot of calls and Emails about using your old harness that goes from the old R/R to the battery. My answer is don't use it, just unplug it and tape the end off so it can't touch any type of ground and ty rap it somewhere safe. It will still get power from the battery side if there are other systems that use it in the bike. Use the new 10 gauge wire I send you to go from the new Mosfet regulator to the battery,  The problem is that if you use your old harness any issues that are in that old harness, like bad connections, bad solder joints, bad grounds, etc will just defeat the purpose of upgrading your charging system. Lets do this clean with all new connections crimped and soldered and you will have a bullet proof charging system. 

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