Jack's Garage Sale


    This is my new garage sale place for my own personal stuff that is taking up shop and table space. Some things are new and some things are used. I do a lot of building and experimenting with different things from time to time and that's what is here on this page.  If there is anything you are interested in feel free to email me or call me. Most things will have a price by them but nothing is set in stone, it's just what I think an item should be worth or maybe I checked Ebay or Craigslist to see what they are selling for. So don't be afraid to throw an offer at me. Remember if you call me during the week call me after 5 PM Pacific time.  Prices do not include shipping.   All sales of these items are a personal sale and not a Roadstercycle.com sale.   Items will be paid for by sending a personal payment to jack@roadstercycle.com