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 2 way-$19.95  plus $3.00 S&H  Postage is free with Mosfet kit purchase of course.   

Bracket options

     I am now offering a universal mounting bracket for the Shindengen FH010AA, 
FH012AA, and FH020AA Mosfet regulators. The 2 way bracket can mount the 
Mosfet up or down or left or right depending on your stock mounting holes. Comes with 
bracket and stainless mounting hardware. The bolts I enclose are metric #6 x 1.00 mm 
counter sunk. These fit most metric bikes. If these are not your size you will have to provide them.
I also provide 1/4" threaded mounting bolts and washers for the Mosfet. This is not a mass 
produced bracket from China. I personally build each one in my shop on my milling machine.
 in the USA. These are made with 1/4" aluminum flat bar. You can trim  The 2 way is 1.5" x 4.00, 
Slotted hole spacing can accept from 1.875"  to 3.40 spacing. If you need a different spacing 
I will custom build it for you for no charge within reason of course. Jack


              This is a 2 way bracket $19.95